Sometimes I wonder why someone who isn’t in financial crises refuses to support his church financially. Meanwhile, the vast majority of churches derive their income from Tithing, Collection, fundraising, and donations. Upon confronting some of these people, they gave me reasons why they don’t give to their Churches.

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Give to Your Church

1. They don’t understand the Concept of giving

Giving is a very clear biblical principle and there are countless references to it in the bible. Many people don’t understand this basic principle because they have not had teaching on it and have some basic misconceptions.

The majority of people who don’t give don’t see how giving can attract blessing. They need someone to help them reorder their life priorities. This is where church leaders come in.

2. They’re in a difficult financial season

Let’s face it. Life can be difficult. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t have any money to give. If someone is struggling with their rent and bills, they aren’t in a good place to be generous.  And beyond that, if you’re passing a plate and asking people to give cash or write a check, most people can’t participate at that moment.  No matter how passionate your plea is, if people don’t have money with them, they can’t give it.

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3. They don’t know where their money goes

If a member is sacrificially giving to a church, it is good for that person to show an interest in how the finances are managed. In some churches, virtually every financial decision is subject to a congregational vote. In other churches, no one other than the pastor and/or a few leaders know how the finances of the church are being managed.

I was in a church where there was fundraising every Sunday all in the name of Church Project. But we never witness any project in the church and no one knows how much money we have got. I believe every church must provide at least an annual report.

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Web Hosting 4. Bad Church Experience

There are some people who may have been givers in the past but had a bad church experience and just pulled back on their donations. This can be the result of an offense or from having strong opposition to the way church does things.

One young man told me He has been paying his welfare, tithe, and contributions in the church but when he was in crises, the church didn’t show up.

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5. Think Others Will Do It

Some people just figure that others will fill in the gap and don’t feel responsible for financial support. This kind of attitude, if embraced by the church at large, could be catastrophic and hinder the progress of Christianity.

6. People feel like the church wants something from them, not for them

I asked a young man who doesn’t give in our church and He said “they want me to empty my pockets. They make me feel guilty if I don’t donate”.

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7. They don’t know why

Don’t assume everyone in your church understands what the Bible says about stewardship. Moreover, he doesn’t know why he should work and give his money to the church. Some people even think the church has enough money, so why should they give.

8.Not Committed to the Mission/Vision of the Church

People want to know that what they support financially makes a difference. This places the burden on the church to articulate a defining mission and vision that church members can buy into and support. This requires the church to be constantly sharing its mission and demonstrating its impact in its community.

9. People want to know the traction the church is making because of their generosity

Some church leaders don’t want to give people constant updates, especially when the numbers aren’t meeting expectations. However, providing honest updates on the progress your church is making because of the financial contributions of your members will provide the transparency and showcase the progress your church is making in fulfilling its mission.

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10. My Pastor Makes Too Much Money

When their pastor drives a nice car, Dresses nicely, wearing very nice-looking suits or dresses. People getting mad because the pastor goes on nice vacations or gets his or her spouse a nice gift. Some think why should they give when their pastor is already rich?

I confronted I young lady who said she will never give in church again and this was what she said “They make six-figure salaries and live in million dollar mansions” They use our money.


Like most other organizations, churches need financial income to accomplish their work. Giving money is a great way of showing our love to God and seeing how He uses us to bless others.

Do you really think the above reasons are tangible for one not to give to his Church? And can your church survive without Tithing, Collection, fundraising and donations? Scroll down and please leave a comment!

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