As I was growing up as a Christian, the church I attended adhered to a strict code of conduct during service. We were told to govern yourself accordingly; eating, talking loud, excessive walking and starting confrontations in the church are all unacceptable behavior during worship service.

15 Things you should never do in church as a Christian

1.Late Arrival

Do your best to arrive at church on time, or even better, before the service starts. There may be traffic or something else that may delay you. That is why you should come early to avoid being late.

2.Distracting others

If you would come to church late for some reasons, please sit back and don’t parade yourself in front. All eyes will turn from the Holy Bible to you since you will be distracting the entire church with your “talking shoes”.

3. Sleeping during church service

During praises and worship this person will dance like King David but immediately the minister begins to preach, He starts sleeping. I agree sometimes you would be tied but do your best to stay awake; you can stand up, go to the restroom and wash your face.

Since you become unaware of what happens when you sleep, I will advise you to stay awake, you may disgrace yourself.

4. Telling someone “You are sitting on my seat”

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Did you say your seat? The seats in the church are for all the church members. So you shouldn’t say my seat. Sorry, you don’t have a specific seat in the church. You can find your seat in your office or your room.

5. Lose control of your children

If you choose to bring your child to church, send them to the children’s ministry or sit back so that you can take care of them when they are crying. Don’t leave your children to roam about in the church during service. In case you want to breastfeed your baby, please do us a favor and cover your breast for us.



6. Wearing heavy perfume

If you’ve ever gotten a headache from someone else’s perfume you would understand me. This is because you’re inhaling potential toxins and harmful substances that are causing a reaction in your body. Most people are allergic to fragrance, so be considerate.

7. Avoid  leaving to use the restroom in the middle of the sermon

Constantly getting up and leaving the auditorium, presumably to use the restroom. Some people would use the restroom for about five times within a period of two hours. I think this is very serious. You need a medical attention.

8.Talking too much when a sermon is in progress

You can talk to anyone but definitely not when the Minister is delivering the sermon. Remember these:

(a)Before church service, talk to God.

(b)During church service, let God talk to you.

(c)After church service, talk to your friend.

9. Eating during church service

You are free to eat in a church but not when service is ongoing. Eating during church service is disrespecting as well as distracting others. Chewing gum to distract others is uncouth behavior. I hope you can enjoy your popcorn after service.

10.Taking a “change” from the offering bowl

I visited a friend at His church and when fundraising was ongoing, a young man gave money and He asked the Minister for this “change”. The minister was very surprised but didn’t want to embarrass the young man so He gave him his Due “Change”. Sorry brother, we are in the 21 century and this is not accepted anymore.

11. Answering a phone call during church

 It doesn’t bother me anymore to hear a phone ringing during service with a loud and annoying ringing tone. I admit that we are in the technology era so am not against the use of internet in the church. But in my opinion as a Christian attending to Facebook and WhatsApp messages, for instance, are inappropriate. Some young guys even play video games when service is ongoing.

12. Speaking only to people you already know

One of the worst experiences for a visitor or newcomer to a church is to be ignored by the regular members. What that communicates loud and clear is that they are being discounted as outsiders rather than being welcomed into the church family.

13. Leave as quickly as you can after the service

Most pastors encourage congregants to develop relationships with one another. One of the most obvious indications of that not happening is when an individual or family makes it a practice to bolt for the car immediately after the service has ended. Church members who know and love one another can’t resist taking a few minutes after the worship service to chat. That’s part of what builds a congregation.

14. Take more than one seat in a crowded Church

If there are enough empty seats at your church, go ahead and spread out. Put your coat and handbag on the spot next to you. However, many churches are crowded during certain services. If you see the sanctuary filling up, remove your personal items and let someone else have that place.

15. If you are sick, stay home

I believe the church is a hospital for the sinner. But if you are sick do everyone a favor and go to the hospital or stay at home. This person will cough for more than 5 minutes continuously to distract other people. Don’t come and infect us with your disease. Please stay home, we shall pray for you.

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As we all know the church is a place of worship and must be treated as such. Any form of the above is disrespecting your pastor and the people around you.

You as a Christian what are some other things you think shouldn’t be done in church?

Scroll down and please leave a comment.

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  1. But the Bible Say’s that if you are sick and you are in the Church, leaders should lay hands on you and pray for you irrespective of the sickness because it was not specify in the Bible. So if I stay home,
    how do I get my healing as a believer please?

    • Thank you Simon. James 5:14 New International Version says “Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord. There is nothing wrong if your sickness is not severe nevertheless, you can call the leaders of the church to come and pray for you either in the house or at hospital.


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