I happened to sit beside a nursing mother in a public transport. Fortunately or unfortunately her baby began to cry and she had no option than to breastfeed the baby. To my surprise, the young lady opens her bra and brought the full version of the breast out and began to breastfeed the baby. Since I was sitting just beside her, there was no way I could keep my eyes from it. But I was thinking she could have covered her breast little since she was in public transport.

Due to this and many more, I decided to come up with some of the things you should never do in public.

1.Adjusting your skimpy bra and underwear

So you got a new bra or new underwear that doesn’t fit you well. Never adjust whiles walking or in public place; exit somewhere no one can see you and adjust over there.

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2. Spitting in public

Personally, am not against spitting but definitely not in the midst of people. There are numerous individuals for whom spitting in public is disgusting, unpleasant, unhygienic and anti-social behavior. Doctors describe as one of the most unhygienic human habits that spreads air-borne diseases.

3. Sleeping in public

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It is normal to sleep in public transport especially when you are traveling a long journey. If you want to rest your eyes, make sure your arms and legs are intertwined around your handbag so that no one can grab it. Since you become unaware of what happens to you when you sleep, some people snore when they sleep. Please save yourself from disgrace.

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4. Using a toothpick in public

Although there are various uses of a toothpick the prime uses is to remove tiny particles in between the crevices of your teeth. Some people derive pleasure in letting everyone around know they have just eaten by sticking the toothpick in one corner of their mouth.

This person will use the toothpick even if he eats ice cream. Do you have to keep the toothpick in your mouth everywhere you go?

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5. Applying full make-up in public

I don’t see anything wrong with applying a quick lipstick in public but it is very irritating sometimes to see someone applying full make-up in a public transport or in a public place.

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6. Talking loudly on the phone

Switch to texting if you are a loudmouth as nobody is interested in listening to your personal conversations.

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7.Fighting in public

Fighting in public is even an offense because you are disturbing the peace of other people while they are attending to their daily business and personal affairs. Using offensive words in public is likely to incite violence.

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8.Throwing garbage in public

Do you know some people still drink water and throw the empty plastic anywhere? I hope you are not one of them?

Throwing garbage out of your car can lead you to jail in Oman. The authorities have said that throwing litters including cigarette bats whiles driving is punishable as the lawbreakers will be jail for ten days.

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9.Squeezing pimples in public

Squeezing pimples always makes them ghastly and definitely not in public because sometime after squeezing little blood will follow which you may not be aware. So don’t do it at all.

10.Ear cleaning in public

Cleaning your ears in general with cotton, matches stick or even feathers are not good for your ears. You are introducing all kind of disgusting bacteria into your ears. So why would you walk around cleaning your ears?

11.Urinating in public

Men can pee anywhere; it doesn’t mean you turn your back behind a car thinking you are hiding; there are many people in front of you that can still see you. Be a gentleman.

12.Scratching your private part in public

When you shave down there, it may feel smooth for some few days, but when the hair begins to grow back, it’s very itching; I hope you can testify that. Sometimes your private part may be itching you in the midst of many people, you need to find a way and scratch that sweet sensation but not in the presence of your paddies. Since it is your private part, it must be scratched privately.

13. Avoid talking about personal or confidential issues in public

Giving your bank account number to someone in public place or your cell phone number to someone when you are in public transport. Some people even give their cell phone numbers to friends on social media where everyone can have access to. Instead of giving the number privately.

14. Changing your baby diaper in public

Every mother has been there before. There are some women’s who change their baby’s diaper on a subway, church, bus stop, train, trolley car or in any other mode of public transportation that doesn’t have a bathroom, and there are some women’s who change their baby’s diaper in public in front of others, even when a bathroom facility is available.

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15. Eat on the go

It is not prudent to walk whiles eating because it aid digestion and will cause you to eat more since you are burning calories. Walking whiles eating sometimes cause fatigue, stomach ache and other types of discomfort.


The last thing you should never do in public but of course not the least important is staring. Do not stare at people. Staring at people is rude. When people realize they’re getting stared at it makes them uncomfortable. You also risk the chance of them confronting you about it. If you see someone with a ridiculous outfit on, don’t stare.

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