To be a healthy person, you need to regulate what you do after every meal. Most of us were told to eat fruits after eating. Do you know that fruits should be eaten before meals or at least an hour after a meal?

Here are 8 things you should never do immediately after eating

1.Brushing your teeth

It is a good habit before bedtime but right after a meal isn’t a great idea. Brushing immediately after eating will remove the enamel layer on the teeth, leaving your teeth prone to damage. You should wait for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour post meal before scrubbing away.

2.Taking a Shower

When you bathe, your surface temperature increases according to the temperature of the water you use. When the water makes contact with your skin, your brain processes this change in body temperature as an immediate need to direct blood to your skin and bring your temperature back to normal.

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If you use cold water, your blood vessels dilate. As large volumes of blood in your skin dilate to dissipate the excess heat. This, in turn, causes more blood to flow in your skin when the blood should actually flow to stomach to aid digestion.

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3. Eating Fruits

To eat fruits is a healthy choice but there is a proper time to eat it. Fruits have simple sugars which get easily digested but when you consume them immediately after a meal, they tend to just sit along with the food.

The fibre in fruit will get stuck with other foods and take long to digest. This may cause discomfort in the stomach and even flatulence. Fruits should be eaten before meals or at least an hour after a meal.

4. Drinking tea

When you drink tea after your meal (especially dinner), you let it interfere with digestionThis is because a chemical tannin is present in tea and coffee which interferes with iron absorption. Though the beverages are known to relieve mental and muscular fatigue, they should be consumed only in moderation.

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5.Don’t sleep

Dozing off immediately after a meal is a bad idea. You should try to engage in whatever activity you like the most, television, chatting with friends and family, but avoid sleeping immediately after, because as you lie down, many digestive juices travel in an opposite direction and as a result entire digestion process is affected badly.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are good reasons for not sleeping right after a meal. While you’re napping, your body is hard at work digesting that last meal, and this can lead to problems ranging from indigestion, weight gain to a possible increased risk for a stroke.

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According to scientists, a cigarette after a meal is extremely dangerous, and it is damaging the whole body, because it is, as they say, as if you smoke 10 cigarettes at once. Also, smoking particularly affects the irritation of the intestines.

The digestive system works on the whole body, and nicotine binds with oxygen in the blood because then it’s more easily absorbed. Scientists warn that a cigarette after a meal dramatically increases the risk of bowel cancer and lung cancer.

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7.Going for a walk

It is believed that walking is good after meals as it helps in digestion. But you will be surprised to know that it is actually a bad idea as it can result in acid reflux and indigestion. However, walking about half an hour after meals are considered good. Wait for at least half an hour after a meal in order to prevent acid reflux and stomach upsets

8.Avoid heavy exercise

A workout is a good idea but there is a time to do that. We should not workout immediately after a meal because our body temperature will be increased and blood flow will also be increased. This will not help our body to digest food. We will feel sluggish even after the workout, the best thing is to walk, walking will help in digestion.

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