Whether your church is big or small, there are many ways churches benefit from having a website. Every church needs an online platform where they are in complete control, and only a website can offer that assurance. Can your church be found on google?

Here’s the thing: Facebook is still the most important social media platform for churches, but we have no control over the changes Facebook decides to make. Each of our churches is at the mercy of Mark Zuckerberg and any changes they decide to implement.

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Many churches still struggle with their websites. I get it. The technological side of designing and building a website can be intimidating. For churches on a tight budget, the cost might seem high, and that’s why we are here to help you build your church website

Here are 7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Have a Website

1. Your online presence is your first impression

I continually hear from churches of all sizes that new visitors are coming to church because they found the congregation online first. Research backs it up, too. If you’re not online you’re at a disadvantage. An investment in your online presence is much like spending money on building upkeep. It’s your front door to people online.

2. Websites educate people about your church

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A church website can be a great source of information about the church and its ministries. The About Page and the Contact Page are very important pages on your church’s website. These pages contain information regarding the church, answer FAQs about the church, and make contact with the church leadership. It also gives directions to your church and Service time.

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3. A church website brings people to your church

If someone wants to find a church in your area, how are they going to find it? Most people go straight to Google. I ask the question again can your church be found on Google? A friend of my said the Holy Spirit will bring them.

4. A church website broadcasts your message globally

Instantly—without buying a ticket or travel to another city to preach. Your church can reach as far as Europe, Asia, or Africa. Regardless of its size, your church can spread its message worldwide.

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5.Always accessible

The church office closes at five. The announcement delivered from the stage has long been forgotten. But when a person in your congregation needs information, they can always find it on your website.

A potential new visitor can always find the information they need concerning service times, locations, and directions. An existing member of the congregation can always listen to a message they missed, signup for an event/ministry, or give online.

6. A church website saves you money on advertising

Any pastor wants the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to church marketing. Church websites are way more visible and far less expensive than any other form of church advertising.

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7. A church website increases your church’s income

People pay their bills online, invest their money online, and read their bank statements online. Members can pay their Tithes online and you can also sell your own books or others things that will benefit your members through your church website.

Why you should choose us

Our church website development team is made up of ministry leaders! Not only are we web designers, we understand what churches and ministries need. If you need a website for your church, we will design and create it, host it, and register your domain name.

All we would need is your Church history, welcome statement, service times, location, phone number, logo, and picture of your church, whatever you want!) Then, we put the site up, and you’re done! No need to worry about updates, uploading new content, or any of that. The site will be online to provide basic information about your church. This gives your church an online presence so people can find, visit, and keep coming back to your church.  Check this website that we just design. https://www.marshallimpactnetwork.com

Responsive and affordable website

If you are on a tight budget, our plan enables you to have a beautiful, responsive website at an affordable cost. Responsive websites adapt to different size screens from mobile devices to widescreen desktops. Our websites also search engine friendly.

Do you need a website for your church? Let’s talk. Contact us

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Web Hosting Conclusion

Your church’s website is the front line for your entire ministry. It’s where first impressions are formed. It’s how you get discovered. It’s wildly cost-effective. It’s quick and easy to change. It can accept donations. It’s always accessible. It’s where new visitors are introduced to you. And it’s where existing members can find the information they need.

Do you need a website or blog?

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